For over 20 years, Don has been helping businesses launch, turn around, and achieve exponential growth. He leads the CEO and management team through a critical path that focuses on improving cash through high accountability, metrics, and the disciples of execution. He has helped over thirty-four businesses in just the past three years as a Sr. Business Consultant. 

Beginning with a small travel agency at age 23, within five years he owned five travel agencies. 

He sold them all in 1990 and went to work for Disney as Director of International Marketing and Sales. His next role was President of Universal Studios Vacations, a wholly owned subsidiary of Universal Orlando. He then turned to consulting, growing revenue for all types of companies.

He recently developed the entire Bachelor of Science degree Hospitality curriculum for a private university, and today serves as an adjunct professor. Don is also an executive coach for one of the largest faith-based organizations in the world. He has served on the local boards for Young Life, Habitat for Humanity, and as a Trustee for Belhaven University.

Besides work, Don’s passion is sailing on boats of all sizes these past 30 years. He owns an Orlando Sailing Club, repairs, and refurbishes sailboats, and teaches sailing to its 735 members. 

He resides in Orlando, FL, and when not collaborating with clients can be found in the boatyard or on the water.

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